Leadership Team

Miguel Ayala, CEO

20 years as engineer & leader in high-profile government & commercial space programs including Lockheed Martin Orion spacecraft & A2100 satellites, NASA Space Shuttle Boosters, Firefly Alpha rocket, ULA Vulcan rocket, Boeing.


Matthew Travis, Founder / COO

30+ years as leading entrepreneur & engineer, member of the elite programming team that developed the original web browser, with numerous contributions to the NASA Space Shuttle Orbiter, Atlas, & Delta launch vehicles.


Frederick Richard, Vice-President, Launch Systems

Veteran U.S. Air Force non-commissioned officer, Blue Origin Engine Integration Engineer Lead for New Shepard & New Glenn engines. SpaceX Launch Integration Technician, SpaceX Dragon and Crew Dragon Ground Operations Technician with nearly 12 years of federal military and aviation experience. USAF Dedicated Crew Chief, Nellis AFB.

Francis Lam
Juan Rodelo
Jonathan Safer

Business Administration
Laurie Behring

Trevor Smith

Members of the Aphelion Aerospace team include our strategic partners and the support of industry vendors and consultants. We are currently assembling an Advisory Board comprised of space industry and venture capital veterans and experts.

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