Industry Partners & Vendors

Alaska Aerospace Corporation

We have a formal agreement with Alaska Aerospace Corp ( for the planning and conduct of launch operations at the Pacific Spaceport Complex Alaska in Kodiak. Kodiak will be our preferred launch site for high-inclination and Sun Synchronous missions. The spaceport may also host our first development test flights as it possesses some desirable characteristics in that context when compared with other commercial spaceports.

The Launch Company

The Launch Company ( provides launch site infrastructure design, development and operational support services for launch providers and spaceport operators. They currently support operations at the Pacific Spaceport Complex Alaska in Kodiak and have supported both the DARPA Launch Challenge and operational needs of launch company Astra. We have an agreement with The Launch Company to provide support services focused on the design of our mobile launch infrastructure, fluid handling and launch site operations – similar to services provided to their other clients.

Leaf Space

Leaf Space ( provides launch vehicle communications and tracking systems and support. We currently have a MOU with Leaf Space to collaborate on the potential for utilization of their TT&C services in support of our launch campaigns. Leaf Space will also provide communications ground segment support to our customers with their global network of ground stations.

Frontier Astronautics

Frontier Astronautics ( our propulsion system testing at their Wyoming facility, including hot-fire static testing of the engines and simulation and analysis support.

Ouroboros Fabrication

Ouroboros Fabrication ( provides manufacturing and hardware fabrication and machining services for at our co-located facility in Denver, CO.


Compositex manufactures our engine thrust chamber and nozzle assembly with ablative cooling. Compositex supplies engine systems to many of the companies in the launch industry, large and small. Compositex also provides design support, simulation and analysis services to us.

Aeropac SA

Aeropac ( has decades of experience in aerospace and launch system design, manufacturing and operations. Aeropac will support our propulsion system and launch vehicle design projects with their advanced simulation and analysis capabilities. Aeropac will also support our manufacturing and integration requirements. Our partnership includes work to develop a new electric pump for our propulsion system.

Space Resources Laboratory

Space Resources Laboratory ( is a space subsystem provider specializing in the production of Small Satellite subsystems. Our products and services include Satellite Integration, Launch Services, Ground Services and Subsystems including CubeSat platforms, PocketQube platforms, Attitude Determination and Control Systems, Power systems for satellites and Telemetry, Tracking and Command (TT&C) systems. (Text courtesy Space Resources Laboratory)


Aphelion Aerospace has signed a formal letter of support and intent with the Elecnor DEIMOS ( of Europe for the AZULPORT consortium proposal to develop a spaceport and launch site on Santa Maria island in the Azores ( Hosting some of our launch operations in the Azores will enable Aphelion Aerospace to most effectively serve our customers in the European Union and Africa.

Equatorial Launch Australia

We are in early discussions with Equatorial Launch Australia ( to host our launch services at the Arnhem Space Centre in the Australian Northern Territory. Arnhem is Australia’s first commercial spaceport and has several launch companies committing to operate from the location. Additionally, NASA will begin conducting suborbital launches from the spaceport beginning in 2020, making it a fully operational spaceport. This location will enable Aphelion Aerospace to best serve our customers in Asia and Oceania.


K-H Machine Works of Union City, New Jersey has provided high-fidelity machining for us in the past and performed all of the welding work for our mobile propulsion test stand, tanks and plumbing. They performed high-pressure hydrostatic testing on our systems and remain a potential vendor for future machine work.

Schuylkill County Airport, Pennsylvania has hosted our propulsion system testing activities with our mobile test stand.

Other vendors include Sigma-Aldrich (chemical supplier), Praxair (high pressure gas supplier) and Xometry (3D printing and prototyping).

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