Transparent Pricing

We are committed to providing a complete up-front price disclosure for our customers to the fullest extent possible. The pricing matrices below are based on both industry average prices and our low-cost innovations to be competitive against all other launch providers. Pricing includes, without exception, all of the services listed below and we guarantee no hidden, undisclosed, or extra fees for those listed services.

Launch Service Pricing

We also plan to offer launch services for 12U and 24U CubeSats in the future as well as unique form factors. We have not finalized a pricing structure for those missions, which will require different deployer hardware and other modifications. Please contact us if you are interested in 12/24U CubeSat launch opportunities.

Standard Launch Service Payment Schedule

10% At Launch Contract signing
30% At Payload Readiness Review
30% At Payload delivery
20% At Launch Readiness Review *
10% At Launch

* Or at launch if less than one week prior

In addition to the launch itself, the pricing stated above also covers certain support services and ancillary costs, including:

    • FAA launch licensing
    • Mission planning and simulation
    • Spacecraft registration, including FCC, NOAA, and other U.S. and international agencies
    • ITAR compliance consultation
    • Spacecraft integration with deployer if necessary or integration of customer-provided deployer with the launch vehicle
    • Supply of separation/deployment system
    • Prelaunch vehicle compatibility testing
    • Prelaunch rehearsal
    • Launch management

Additionally, we can provide support for initial on-orbit testing and verification at additional cost to the customer. Please contact us with your requirements.

Dedicated Launch

We also offer single-spacecraft dedicated launch services (depending on the cost of Range Use Fees and launch insurance, which vary by payload, mission type and launch range). This price includes the services listed above.

Note: The single spacecraft deployed from the launch vehicle may itself deploy secondary payloads. In this case, the customer is solely responsible for those payloads, integration into the primary spacecraft, testing, checkout and deployment. We will not be responsible or liable for the successful deployment of those payloads and will not provide support services for those payloads unless agreed to in advance. The customer is responsible for ensuring the compatibility of secondary payloads with the primary payload and launch vehicle. Within the stated limitations, we will strive to work with the customer to ensure a successful launch.

Stand-by Launch Reservation for Non-profits and Academic Institutions

We anticipate that not all of our launches will be fully manifested. As part of our mission to support the research and educational community, we are offering those opportunities, on a space-available basis, to registered non-profit organizations and academic institutions at or below cost. For us, this is a better option than adding dead ballast to the deployer to meet mission mass requirements. Launch opportunities will be offered on a “standby” basis, with no guarantee of a particular launch date. Please contact us if your organization is interested in these opportunities.

Cubesat Hardware Pricing

The standard payment structure for CubeSat hardware is 50% down payment at the time of order placement and 50% upon delivery. We understand that many customers, especially startup companies and academic institutions may require more flexible payment plans. We are happy to accommodate our customers’ needs and support their successful missions and will negotiate alternative terms when necessary.

Spacecraft and Launch Service Bundle Discount

If your company purchases both spacecraft hardware and launch services from us, we will apply a 33% discount on the price of the CubeSat. Cubesat hardware purchase and Launch Contract signing must take place at the same time in order to be eligible for the discount.


Please note that all prices, fees and disclosures are subject to periodic review and change at any time with or without notice. However, all pricing and terms displayed at the time of purchase or Launch Contract signing will remain in place and unchanged for the customer.


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