Aphelion Aerospace, Inc. is a nanosatellite systems and service company on a mission to operate a dedicated CubeSat-class reusable launch system that allows for regular, scheduled orbital access at an unprecedented rate and cost. We are developing technologies to enable a complete end-to-end solution for reliable commercial access to space. We provide launch services with our launch vehicle as well as CubeSat systems sales and mission integration services.

Aphelion aims to miniaturize and mass-produce launch vehicle technology to revolutionize access to space. Our objectives are as follows:

  • To develop and operate a low cost, scalable nanosatellite launch vehicle
  • To provide a regular, scheduled launch service, with ticket-like manifestation
  • To create a complete, customizable, turnkey nanosatellite solution with spacecraft components, software, and a unified API
  • To stay at the forefront of spacecraft miniaturization by constantly initiating experimental programs to develop the technology of tomorrow


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